Tagalog Love Text Messages for Girlfriend or Wife

Monday, May 28, 2012

Ganito kita kamahal di ba?
tanga na ako kung tanga
pero mahal kita eh! Pramis!

translation: This is how much I love you!
I don't care if it seems stupid,
I love you! That I promise!


Matulog ka na mahal.
Wag ka ng mag-alalala.
Bukas mahal pa rin kita!

translation: Go to sleep my love.
Don't worry too much.
Tomorrow, I still love you just the same.


Mahal na mahal kita, pero
mahal mo din kaya ako?

translation: I love you so much,
but do you love me too?


Pwede bang sa akin na
lang ang puso mo forever and ever?

translation: Can I have your heart
forever and ever?


Mahal kita!
pa-kiss naman!
Kakagigil ka kasi!

translation: I love you! 
Can I kiss you! 
I can't get enough of you!

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