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Sunday, July 30, 2017

What is SMS Marketing? It’s a way to promote your products or services using a mobile phone. Due to the high demand of mobile marketing nowadays, offers the cheapest SMS gateway provider as low as 10 cents per SMS!
By using bulk SMS service from, a seller can easily send SMS to the targeted customers’ number to announce their promotions, sales or discount.
Nowadays SMS marketing has already become increasingly popular among marketers. The consumers must opt in to receive the text message from the company on their mobile phone. If they do no longer like to receive the message they can decide to decline by opt out to the company.
Bulk messaging is usually used for a reminder, marketing but also for information and communication between both staff and customers. Bulk SMS Aggregators can send an SMS to a large number of recipients at once.
SMS messages can be purchased in bulk, and are considerably cheaper than regular SMS from your mobile phone. Besides, Bulk SMS is an extremely cheaper method of mass communication than more traditional forms of marketing such as advertising or email marketing.

Bulk SMS Gateway


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Enables you to insert customers’ name and other information in your message up until 4 fields.
Send messages in multi lingual characters (also support Chinese character).
Export detailed SMS Status report into Excel file.
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Unlimited SMS Text

Unlimited SMS Text –  Short Message Service (SMS) is the ability to sending and receiving text messages to and from mobile telephones.
But somehow, for the usual SMS style, there are the limits that we have to follow. However, this is not going to happen with Best International SMS Gateway by
The short message limit can be avoided by sending messages as a sequence of short messages. It has become easy to send bulk SMS around the world with the advances in SMS technology and applications whether it be a single message, or a distribution list containing millions of numbers.
Bulk SMS Software is needed for sending and receiving a bulk message and there are numerous software packages are available for bulk messages. These software packages give many prospects to user to add as many phone numbers as essential. It also can be monitored in many ways.
Most of sms blast software you can upload a list of mobile phones numbers. Some advanced system can automatically remove any duplicated numbers or the mobile phone that are already validated prior to sending the messages.
With proven higher response rate compared to direct communication than telemarketing, SMS marketing is one of the preferred ways to go. is a web-based SMS Broadcast Management Tool which enables you to reach your customers without the hassle of setting up softwares. All you need is a PC with Internet connection and informing your clients about the latest promotion is just a few clicks away. With no maintenance, monthly or setup fee, it is definitely one of the most cost-effective ways to carry out your marketing campaign!
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Tagalog Pick-Up Lines 2014

Monday, February 23, 2015

Itim na nazareno ka ba? pahalik naman.

Apoy ka ba? kasi I feel hot kapag lumalapit ako sayo.

Nung sinabi ko sa sarili ko na hindi kita mahal, NABUSOG ako. Kasi KINAIN ko lahat ng sinabi ko.

Ilaw ka ba? kasi you BRIGHTEN my day.

Minamalat na naman ang puso ko.. paano kasi, laging sinisigaw ang PANGALAN mo.

Sana tanong na lang ako para sagutin mo naman ako.

Philippines ka ba? kasi it's more FUN kapag kasama ka.

TAXI ka ba? kasi habang patagal ng patagal mas NAPAPAMAHAL ako sayo eh.

75 Birthday Messages and Birthday Wishes for Boyfriends and Husbands

 1. To the man who has never done anything wrong on his birthday. And why mention the other 364 days of the year?

  2. You make my days joyful, you make my love true, I am so much happier, all because of you. Happy Birthday.

  3. I feel safe in your arms. You make the world feel far away. Happy Birthday.

  4. Here is some birthday science: Gravity doesn't make people FALL in love, but making a trip around the sun does make you older.

  5. Life with you is a dream that I never want to wake up from. Happy Birthday.

6.  I kissed this message a thousand times before I sent it. I wish that it had been you. Happy Birthday.

  7. My love for you is like the digits of PI - infinite and non-repeating.

Papa Jack said.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Closure is the possible effect of some explanation kung bakit iniwan ka niya basta basta na lang.

Closure is the possible effect of some explanation kung bakit iniwan ka niya basta basta na lang.

We cry and cry and cry, then we get tired.

“Diba ang ahas nasa gubat? Eh bakit ikaw, nasa city? Fieldtrip mo?”

“Ex mo na bakit ka pa nagpapa-epekto? Meaning binibigyan mo siya ng kalayaan guluhin ka. Dapat kung EX na EX na. Wag na pansinin”

Vice Ganda Banats

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sa Opisina.

vice: pasok mo nga dito yung mga papeles ko..
assistance: ser saan ko ipapasok , dito sa loob"?
vice: hinde sa labas, ipasok nga diba.pwede bang ipasok sa labas, sige nga subukang mong ipasok doon sa labas

Another Day
Kararating Lang sa Opis..
assistance: hi. good morning po ser nandito na po pala kayo
vice: hinde wala pa, picture ko lang toh, hindi pa ako to


Naospital yung pamangkin, kasi buntis (dinugo)...

Pang-asar na pamatay na banat

student: Buti pa ang saging meh puso! Pero ikaw sir... WALA !

Prof: Aba'y kung ganyanan lang eh... Buti pa ang sisig may utak!

Eh Ikaw, WALA !

 "lam mo para kang hipon, katawan lang may pakinabang, ulo tapon."

ano size ng ulo mo? bilhan kita ng bayong para hindi ka na pagtawanan ng tao

ano kaya feeling ng panget? hirap siguro no?

 remark on an acne prone person:
"lam mo, Mukha kang pimple na tinubuan ng mukha!"

15 Easy April Fools' Day Pranks to Try At Home and Work

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tomorrow is April Fools' Day. Are you prepared? Add these simple yet hysterical gags to your arsenal before you become a trickster's target.

1.    This one's for diabolical parents: When the kids are sound asleep, switch them to each other's beds. Just make sure you're there to see their reactions when they wake up!

2.    Change your victim's cell phone settings from English to another language.

3.    Replace the cream filling of Oreos with toothpaste, then invite your target for a snack.

Easter SMS/Text Messages

Easter says
you can put
truth in a grave,
but it won't stay there.

Easter bring Fun, Easter bring Happiness,
Easter bring God Endless Blessings,
Easter bring fresh love...
Happy Easter to You
with all best wishes

May Lord bless you on
this auspicious day of Easter,
and May it be a new beginning

10 Smile SMS

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Here are some fresh quotes that can make you smile. Some of them may sound sarcastic but partially true.

Smile tames old enemies and wins new friends.

Pride is that creepy feeling when we pat ourselves on the back for looking down on someone else.

Smile is infectious to others, but laughter can be dangerous.

Guilt is what builds up when you commit sin and try to forget about about it.

Smile! Because you have just received a text message from someone hoping you are fine. Good a.m.

Chinese New Year Messages

Happy Chinese New Year. (Cantonese) Kung Hei Fat Choi. (Mandarin) Gong Xi Fa Cai.

May God from whom all blessings flow and with HIS boundless grace and goodness bring you a wealth of inspiration,good health and joy this year.HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Wishing you a year of health, wealth, happiness, warmth and loads of love for and from your dear ones. Hope the New Year showers you with all that is beautiful. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

For this year and beyond, we wish your family good health, prosperity, happiness and love. Gong Hei Fat Choi!

Love Messages for Him

Stepping my feet on your feet, hugging you around your shoulders, looking deep into your eyes, kissing our lips…want to feel you fully with your kisses!

I feel your warmth with your hugs, I feel your romance with your kisses, I feel your love with your presence and I feel my life with your life!

The most memorable day in my whole life, the day when I heard you whispering into my ears, those 3 sweet little words – I LOVE YOU!

I started admiring even the simple things in my life after I fell in love with you. I am admiring a lot even the fluttering of birds, kids smile, dripping of droplets etc.

Morning Love Messages

Was the past real or is it just in my memory? I really could not understand science or philosophy. But I'm sure something in the past was true, and that's when I fell in love with you.

"One look at you and I know that I could learn to live without the rest, I've found the best..."

I wish you a day of love and pleasant memories, a day of little things to smile about, a day of peace and happiness in your heart... May GOD grant you always a sheltering angel so nothing can harm you, laughter to cheer, good friends near you, and whenever you pray, HEAVENS to hear you. Good morning friend.

Do not choose the better guy, choose a guy who will make u a better girl...
Pick up line for the day: "My love for you is like a diarrhea...'coz I can't hold it!"

I Like You Messages

Some love one, some love two. I love one, and that is you.

R we friends or r we not, U told me once but i 4got, of all d m8s ive eva met, ur d 1 i wont 4get, n if i die b4 u do, i will go 2 heaven & wait 4 u!

Science has proved that Sugar melts in water.. So pls dOn't walk in rain.. otherwise i wil lose such a SWEET person like yOu..

God sprinkles tiny but wonderful seeds of blessings on earth each day...and I just caught one that's so nice and's YOU !

I have liked many but loved very few.yet no-one has been as sweet as u.I'd stand and wait in the worlds longest queue.just for the pleasure of a moment with u.

Beauty Within - Facebook Status

Friday, November 23, 2012

 Be who you are, stand up for what is right, and be blessed by the people who see the beauty that you hold.

 I'm not a perfect girl. I may not always seem content. And you will never hear me say I'm beautiful. But I am perfectly content with how beautiful my heart is!

 Kinda sad that now days people judge you on how pretty you are on the outside, without giving you a chance to express who you really are on the inside. :/

 Sometimes we must make peace with the woman in the mirror. she is not always a true reflection of who we really are.

 Beauty isn't about having a pretty face, its about having a PRETTY MIND, <3 <3 PRETTY HEART, and PRETTY SOUL. <3

60 Sweet Text Messages to send to your Girlfriend

Friday, September 28, 2012

  1. I’m never going to let you go.
  2. I’ve been thinking about you.
  3. Every minute spent with you is a minute well spent.
  4. If I’m the reason for your smile, you’ll never get a reason to frown.
  5. I love you, I miss you and I can’t wait to see you today! 
  6. I can never be wrong, because loving you feels so right!
  7. I miss you; I want to be near you again!
  8. When I have you, I have everything I need. 
  9. Every minute I spend away from you is a minute I waste.
  10. To stay away from you is something I can’t do. Come home soon.
  11. I will miss you while you’re gone and will wait for you to get back.

PAMATAY NA PAMBARA ng mga BABAE sa mga lalakeng ayaw nila..

Saturday, September 22, 2012

b: alam mo, pwede nang ilagay sa kape yung ngiti mo. Ang tamis tamis kasi eh, pati ang mapait na kape, napapatamis mo.
g: ikaw pwede kang magbenta ng popcorn, ang corny mo eh!

B: I like you.
G: I like me too!


Sen Miriam Defensor Santiago Pick-up Lines

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

1.hayos to: (guy walks towards the girl na parang galit) "Miss, ok ka rin noh?! ang kapal ng mukha mo! (so medyo shocked ung girl sabay hirit ng) "Hindi pa nga kita nakikilala pina-ibig mo na ang puso ko."
2.  Para kang plema
... because di ka maalis sa dibdib ko!

3. Can i take ur clothes off? kahit isang beses lang...
i jst wanna know kung pano tinatago ng mga anghel ang kanilang pakpak.. (manyak!)

4. Miss...SM ka ba??
kasi you've got it all!

Cheesy Tagalog Pick Up Lines

  • Kumain ka ba ng asukal? - ang tamis kasi ng ngiti mo.
  • I'm a bee - can you be my honey?
  • Papupulis kita! - ninakaw mo kasi puso ko
  • Meralco ka ba? - pag ngumiti ka kasi may spark
  • May butas ba yang puso mo? - natrap kasi ako, can't find my way out
  • Miss, alam mo ba? Hindi tayo Tao, hindi tayo Hayop, at hindi rin tayo Halaman, Bagay tayo, Bagay.
  • Nabibingi ka na ba? Coz my heart has been screaming out your name for quite some time now..]
  • I lost my number - can I have yours?
  • Are you a dictionary? - coz you add meaning to my life
  • Centrum ka ba? Kasi you make my life complete!!
  • Pwede ba kita maging driver? Para ikaw na magpapatakbo ng buhay ko..
  • Aanhin pa ang gravity... kung lagi lang akong mahuhulog sa iyo?
  • Mahilig ka ba magluto na pancit canton? Kasi pag kasama kita... feeling ko.. "LUCKY ME"
  • Am i a bad shooter? Coz i keep on missing you... (not exclusively pinoy. oh well)
  • Kung posporo ka at posporo din ako eh di MATCH tayo..
  • Favorite subject mo ba geometry? Kasi kahit anong angle,ang cute mo..
  • Anong height mo? Pa'no ka nagkasya sa puso ko?
  • Ang galing mo siguro sa puzzles. (Bakit?) Kasi umaga pa lang nabuo mo na araw ko...
  • asthma ka ba?kasi you take my breath away.
  • ibibili kita ng salbabida mo kasi...malulunod ka sa pagmamahal ko.
  • I think I'm a bad player......because I keep on missing you

Pinoy Pick Up Lines

Sunday, July 22, 2012

"Yung nag-uusap lang kayo , tapos may eepal at sasabihing "ayiee!""

"Yung aksidente mong na-type sa username slot yung password mo."

"Yung sa sobrang inis mo, napapamura ka nalang."

"Nilalamig ka ba? Bakit hindi mo subukan yakapin ang plantsa."

"Ang pagmamahalan ay parang Snakes and Ladders , gagawin mo ang lahat para magtagumpay pero sadyang may mga ahas na hihilahin ka pababa."


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