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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sikat na Pinoy Pick-Up Lines 2

Boy: lam mo ba ibat’ibang view?
Girl: oo, may topview, sideview, frontview, rearview.. Ano pa ba?
Boy: loview..

Keep texting me and win prizes
Keep texting me and win exciting prizes.
1st Prize – lots of love
2nd Prize – lifetime textmate
3rd Prize – free stay in my heart.

Something so tender within your eyes
There is something so tender within your eyes that I find it impossible to look away..
and all that I know in the core of my heart is that here so surely I want to stay…

I was meant to know you, that’s SEREPENDITY
life is not a series of meaningless accidents..

when things are bound to happen, they surely will.

you are not an accident, i was meant to know you.

that’s SEREPENDITY! :-)

i rmmbr my crush 
i rmmbr
my crush
sed,” vivs,
pwd tabi tau s exam?”

I askd”kok0pya k?”

he sed”nope!
but i feeL prfect
wen im bsyd u.”

dun aq nanghina…
bagsak 2loy aq!!?

Sabe ni Doc
ui, sbe ng doctor malala n dw ung saketq sa puso. dalawa nlng dw options q >.< either iCU or

U C me.

Love is like DOTA
“How can u say dat love is lyk dota?”

*omniknight: ur my guardian angel..
*nortrom: nkasilent aq pag malapit ka sakn..
*enchantres: Lalo aqng nsasaktan pag lumalau aq sau..
*clockwork: na.Stun aq pag anjan kna..
*rikimaru: d mu mn aq nakkta, isipin m0h nsa tabi m0 lang aq..
*bane halow: lumalakas aq pag kasama kta..
*spectre: puntahan kta kaht saan kman..
*viper: bumabagal mundo q pag hnahawakan m0 q..
*blood seeker: hndi aq maka lau sau..
*fountain of life: kaw ang nagbbgay buhay skin..


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